Monday, February 26, 2007

Home Safe

Blissfully uneventful trip home. Great music, great drive, great ideas. JEB is the world's best traveling companion. As I slog through the remainders of the surprise blizzard I am grateful--if the whethermen (whether or not it's gonna storm...your guess is as good as mine!) had forecast the 8 or so inches of snow I wouldn't have left the farm. You know, the whole captain staying with the ship concept. But I did go, and all was well here on the farm, and I now have a new aunt and 3 new cousins and their whole entourage.

I'm wiped out from the weekend and left wondering, how can I arrange it so I can knit in the bathtub?

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  1. My method for knitting (well, actually crocheting - you want a relatively small project) in the bathtub:

    Start by setting up the bathtub. Put the bath pillow in the right place and make sure the epsom salts are handy. Draw water that's just a tetch too warm and dissolve the salts in it.

    Now, go fetch your project and make sure it's a small one. This is not the time to work on the Afghan of Doom. Think ankle socks, dishcloths, potholders, baby booties or caps, and stuff like that. Grab a book, too, just in case. Make it a cheap easily replaced paperback. (I usually grab either an English cozy mystery or else some Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett.)

    I keep dishtubs from the dollar store in my bathroom because I have small feet that are just the right size for those as a footbath. So I flip one over to be used as a table to store my small project (with a nice loose center-pull ball) and the book.

    Get into the tub and hiss at the heat. Then lean back and find the comfy spot. Now, eye the stuff you brought into the bathroom and decide if you really want to do anything while melting into the heat. If you're up to the project, work it right around chest height. Or just grab the book and read until the water reminds you that it's cold out. Then drain some water and refill with hot water. Repeat.

    Be wary lest you turn into a prune.