Wednesday, October 3, 2007

West Virginia Man Makes Big City News

Wolf sends me this link from work. Even Capital Hill is impressed!

One of my intrepid neighbors was busted today after a high speed chase when a cop caught him weaving back and forth in the road with a 6-pack strapped to the front of his riding mower. The arresting officer chased him down on foot and dragged him off the mower.

Now we know something DOES run like a Deere. (Think he had a donut in with the 6-pack?)

What do you want to bet the defendent pleaded, "I was just tryin' to git 'er done!"

...Come to think of it, I may even have a picture of him from the lawnmower races at the County Fair....

(PS: Cy, wanna go to the Open? Campbell's gonna be riding this one for WEEKS!)


  1. Got to love WV.. we're "open for business" ya' know.

  2. yeah, apparently! Why didn't I think of it--lawn care and beer delivery--sip a cold one while you watch someone else mow your yard!

  3. Better yet, have the Grasscar 500 (yd) races... beer, lawnmower racing, and lots and lots of laughter..

  4. I love it..busted for an MUI.

  5. My goodness, that has me doubled over with laughter! Great post. "I can drink and mow!" How straight were the lines?

  6. Well, you really can't drink and mow at the same time...the man missed his yard entirely.

    Imagine, though, if we all had to exchange cars for riding mowers. The commute would be a heck of a lot more fun, and accidents would be reduced to the severity of bumper cars. Have to take out the blades, though...