Friday, October 12, 2007


This Gypsy is way more pensive than a cold night with a party and bonfire should allow. I got an email from Samantha over at Nothing But Red, asking to write a contribution to their efforts against socially condoned violence against women in general, against the abhorrent euphemisms known as "honor killings" in specific.

I think of my close women friends who have been victimized through the years, for no reason other than their gender. Too many. Any is too many. More than any is appalling. The actual numbers are revolting.

Thoughts tumble over each other. Tonight is the night to let them seethe. Later, I'll ask them to march in formation.

Cousin Serena hesitantly comes into the sitting room where I type. Guest Annika, the oldest of the girls at 11, is more transparent. "We told Will we wanted him to scare us. Now we're afraid. Will you help us find where he's hiding?"

Just a game gone sour, but an eerie in-law to this evenings introspection. Just 3 frightened little girls who desperately need protecting and building up, and a bigger, older boy who can't resist the invitation to scare them.

You are amazing, wondrous, strong beyond your belief. You deserve to be safe. Hold my hands, let's go into the darkness and find Will.


  1. Lucky Kids!


    Your Grandmothers are very apparent in you.

  2. This is a tall order! If what you write is anything like this blog post, it will be strong and kind!

    Happy Blog Your Blessings Sunday.

  3. Just stopping back to see what's new. God bless!

  4. Hope that you can join the Blog Your Blessing bloggers next week. Best week ever to you.

  5. Empowering Women... I guess we have the same theme. That is my thrust in my newly conceived site. Hope you can drop by and see what we can share. My entries were inspired by Paulo Coelho's Warrior of the Light. Hope to read more from you, too.

  6. Stopping by for BYB Sunday and to invite you to submit a post for
    Blog Village Fall Fest on Advertising for Success blog.

  7. where there's a Will, there's a way...
    Happy BYB Sunday!

  8. Wow! I started my comment and it turned to a post.

  9. Hope you're doing okay.

    Stopping by to say happy blog your blessings Sunday.