Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The first steps

Last night we went to our first Tai Chi class together. My heart soared even as my body loosened pain's grip. Breathe. Flow. Yes, the perfect prescription for the season. Mark and I are currently the only students in the class, so there is time and space for him to ask about possible parallels in his horsemanship--yes--and for Barbara and I to compare notes in teaching different disciplines that are so similar.

I've Tai'ed my Chi formally through several stages of life, but the order of the movements seldom sticks beyond a few weeks. We go through standing, walking, and then the first steps.

I think about several of my students who I'd like to invite to join our class, students who enjoy a Centered Riding approach to their lessons. Looking forward to fresh fodder to liven their lessons.

Today was a rough day. Frustrating and by far the most painful yet. By evening I felt like a total abject failure- I let my people down, I let my horses down, I let my loved ones down, I let myself down.

Tonight, safely and gratefully in bed, I pull out "The Songs of Horses" for a long overdue re-read and anticipated escape. Instead of granting me flight, Belasik turns the mirror on me with Joseph Campbell's words:"The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstacy for oneself but the wisdom and power to serve others."

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  1. Serving others is the Secret to Enlightenment. You have the realization.