Saturday, September 8, 2007

An Unexpected Surprise

An unexpected piece adds excitement to the puzzle.

I venture into the Maul, thinking I'm picking up a polarizer for my Panasonic, through the JC Penney entrance. The "Infinity% off!" signs suck me into the racks. A voice in my head puts me back on track, saying "these are just junk clothes to begin with, you don't really want them, keep going for what you want!"

Strangely, none of the other stores seemed to be running sales. Before long I find the Ritz Camera Store. While Shanna, the world funnest sales person, rummages under the counter to find the filter I need, I go to drool over the camera I WANT-- and find IT.

As low a price as I've found so far. Interest-free payments. A nice printer, $15 with purchase (I'd been printer shopping, to no avail, just the day before.) A handful of other perks.

Shanna is mystified. "I think the sign is a mistake. It's $100 less than on our price list!"

The voice in my head smiles smugly.

The new camera hangs around my neck as I type ;-)


  1. Nice work. I guess this means your pictures will get even better than they already are...can't wait!

  2. I read Updraft to some taiji friends and my teacher said "this sounds like the start of an Epic Poem."

    Now you can best illustrate it. Them.