Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hot Dog!

I remember hearing a preacher talk once about an intense word study he was involved in concerning the word Hallelujah! Of course, literally we know Hallelujah means "praise God," but this man wanted to find a true equivalent in our own language and culture. After great pains and much research, he boiled down all his studies to this one solitary phrase: "Hot dog, this is it!"

~Taylor Field, A Church Called Graffiti


  1. Eh, "Hot Diggity Dog" has my vote :)

  2. Yes! The joy, the intense joy, of such an exclamation can only be praise to God! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Sandy. have you read this book? Less to do with graffiti than i though going into it but you might really like it.

    i got hooked strong enough that i stayed up til 2 am reading it all the way through on what was going to be my night to catch up on sleep!

  4. Somehow, I prefer "Huzzah!" Heck, I think I'm addicted to it...

    (go ahead, say it, you know you want to ;-)