Friday, December 29, 2006

Northwest Coffee Obsession, Revisited

I see this van parked outside Office Depot. It pretty much sums it up.

As I take the picture, a woman explodes from a nearby car. She looks like a cross between chicken little and a befuddled ostrich. Are you looking for someone to take you picture?" she asks. "I'll take one of you if you take one of me!" It's the best offer I've gotten all day, but it's early yet.

"No, but I'd be glad to take your picture," I tell her happily.

"Great," she exclaims with frantic urgency. "I have friends that keep pestering me for a picture. Make it look nice..." I pose her against some far-off green between the shops as she regales me with more than I ever want to know about her, in "life is a disaster waiting to happen" monochrome. As she goes to put her camera back in the car she gasps. "My keys! I was so distracted I locked the door!"

"Do you have AAA?" I ask, and she nods. She is not cheered when I point out she can now shop in peace, knowing she'd be able to get into her car eventually. She might even have time for a liesurely latte. As I drive off to my Alan appointment I muse, how accurately her perspective defines her world.

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