Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice: The journey begins

Standing in line for a blessing. My flight is delayed--nothing to do with the Denver situation sending flights into a nationwide frenzy. No, the engine threatened to fall out or something, but the end result is the same-- I would need to employ teleportation to make my second flight, and that is banned in airports thanks to Homeland Security. The ladies in front of me have been in line for 3 hours just to talk to someone. I bemoan rushing past Starbucks, and consider the fortune they could make if they sent a roving barrista, thermos in hand, down to this end of the terminal in times such as these. As I ponder how I could pull it off and monetize my wait, the 4 year-old behind me gets wound tighter and tighter until he is in a full-blown tantrum. Two stewardess magically appear plying him with candy. I'm blown away: yeah, let's positively reinforce his abysmal behavior AND fuel it with a sugar high. But then it's my turn in line.

I leave the counter with a handful of possibilities covering all foreseeable contingencies, including a night at a fancy hotel in Texas on the airline's dollar. I beeline for Starbucks then happily browse the Borders next door. I see some old friends rubbing shoulders with new titles. John Maxwell just published a new book. It amazes me that he keeps cranking 'em out. Then again, it shouldn't. He's so proficient he could probably write a book in the bathtub by now. David's book isn't there, but Eat that Frog is, which surprises me. Naked Economics: Understanding the Dismal Science grabs my attention. Finally, an economics book written for me!

The Starbucks book catches my eye (seems an ongoing theme this morning!) It claims 5 principles which will turn ordinary into extraordinary:

1. Make it your own

2. Everything matters
3. Surprise and delight
4. Embrace resistance
5. Leave your mark

I mosey back to the gate and the indeterminate wait, pondering how I can apply these even better in my own experience...especially #3!

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