Tuesday, January 1, 2008

California Dreamin'

Today is prosaically productive. Not quite ready for sleep but not inclined to be active or verbal, I start to sort through pictures from our recent trip to Wolf's old stomping grounds in CA. My phone went on vacation while we were gone, and we had very limited web access-not a good setup for blogging in the moment.

I enjoy reliving day 1 and capturing a warm-up round of memories while posting pictures to Laughing Gypsy Photography.

We land in San Francisco to a bleak weather forecast, matched by equally bleak weather beyond the windows. Wolf upgrades to a 4-wheel drive rentacar, and I later learn the reason why. Now, though, moderate traffic and rainy roads lead us out of the dismal city and onto Highway 1.

I am swept away from my first view of the Pacific. I'm an oceangirl at heart. I love the wooded green solitude of the farm. A glimpse of waves curling in from the horizon slams me with longing so painful it knocks the breath out of me.

As we snake along craggy heights, the sea pounds and crashes beneath us. The sun battles rain and mists and after hours wins today's battle.

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